A True Hip Hop Artist

Ill Knob is a Queens-born, Brooklyn-bred and California-based emcee who first fell in love with hip-hop in junior high school. Today, his passion for the music has reached the highest level. His witty wordplay and insightful storytelling has earned him such high profile fans as the RZA and Wu-Tang Clan producer 4th Disciple. The two worked with Ill Knob producing the song “Bless Ya Life” for his group KGB. Now that Knob has been around hip-hop’s elite and studied their successes, he is applying their strategies and using his own unrelenting drive to succeed with his own musical mission: to be respected as a true artist. With the release of his new single “Chasing The Dream”, he plans on doing just that. Rapping about escaping the many pitfalls he encountered growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York to now pursuing his dream in Hollywood, California. “I understand that I’m the super underdog”, he offers, “so for me to get to this point is very inspiring to me and maybe I can inspire others by telling my story”.